Waste Management

Waste Collection

Waste Management is important to the Berri Barmera Council and remains as a key strategic focus to continue to improve on.

Changes in legislation have required dramatic changes in the way that Councils across Australia process rubbish, in particular the closing of old outdated rubbish dumps and the introduction of waste transfer stations with a focus on recycling of materials.

Private enterprise manages the Waste Transfer Facility for our district, as well as the collection and disposal of waste from our district.

Enquiries about my Bins

If you have any questions regarding your bin pick ups you should contact Cleanaway on 1800 778 752.

 A-Z Guide - What to put in Which Bin

Quick Guide for Yellow Recycling Bin

Quick Guide Green and Red Bins


Disposal of other Rubbish

To find out current opening times and Fees please contact the Riverland Resource Recovery Facility direct on 8582 2601. The facility can be found on Hoskin Road, Berri.

Rubbish Collection

Each residential township property in the Berri Barmera District is issued with a set of waste bins (3 bin system) being: 240-litre (green),  140-litre (red) & 240-litre (yellow) by Council.

There are weight restrictions for collection.  Your bin is now allowed to weigh no more than:

- Red bin - 60kg

- Green and Yellow - 80kg.

If anything should happen to the bins, new parts are available at a small cost and can be paid for and collected from the Berri or Barmera office. If, however the bin becomes lost or stolen, the property owner will need to contact Council to order a new one at a cost of $88.00.  Bins that are damaged and are found to be over 10 years old (as per Council's Bin Register) will be replaced at 1/2 cost.

All bins will need to be collected and signed for from the Berri Works Depot situated on Hughes Street, Berri.

Council commissions Cleanaway to collect your rubbish on a weekly basis.

For more information please contact:
Cleanaway on 1800 778 752 or
Berri Barmera Council on 8582 1922

Drum Muster

Drum Muster is now conducted from the Riverland Resource Recovery Facility, located at 92 Hoskin Road, Monash.  Cleanaway owns and operates this site and can be contacted on 08 8582 2601 (phone); 08 8582 2471 (Fax)

Frequently Asked Questions - Waste Management 

What day is pick up day?

Monday Monash, Glossop, Winkie and surrounding areas
Tuesday Berri West, Berri North and surrounding areas
Wednesday Berri, Berri East and surrounding areas
Thursday Barmera, Cobdogla and Loveday townships
Friday Outskirts of Barmera, Cobdogla and Loveday

Cleanaway can be contacted on 1800 778 752

I have no bins on my property and can I purchase second bins?

Any property with a house being occupied all year is eligible to an initial bin, at not cost. Commercial properties shall be entitled to the number of bins equivalent to the number of rated assessments.

Bins and Bin Accessories are available for purchase from the Council Office, please contact for current fees on 8582 1922.   

When is the Waste Recovery Centre Open? 

The Riverland Resource Recovery Centre, Hoskin Road, Berri is open:

Monday to Friday      8.00am until 4.00pm
Saturday                    8.00am until 12.00pm
Sunday                      CLOSED

On days over 40°C opening hours will be 9.00am to 12.00pm. For futher information please contact Cleanway on 08 8582 2601.


Costs vary depending on materials. Members of the public can sort their loads and pay less. Types of waste which cost less than landfill include organics or green waste, timber, rubble and concrete. There is free disposal of white goods, clean recyclables, batteries, engine oil and metals. Mattresses, tyres and asbestos are accepted at this site and the prices vary.  For more information and up to date pricing, please contact Cleanaway 1800 778 752 or 8582 2601.


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