Exterior Painting of Bonney Theatre

The exterior painting of the Bonney Theatre, Barmera Soldiers Memorial Hall and façade of the Barmera Library will be commencing 2 March and will take approx. 4 weeks to complete. During this time, fencing and bunting will be used to ensure the safety of residents and contractors. Please be aware that access to the library will be through the rear entrance for 2 and 3 March. Follow link to see schedule.

2  March                 Washing down of external surfaces of Barmera Library, Soldiers Memorial Hall and Bonney Theatre.  Painting will commence on Barmera Library and Soldiers Memorial Hall.
3 March   Painting will continue on Soldiers Memorial Hall and the completion of the Library.
4-9 March  Painting will continue on Soldiers Memorial Hall.
10-16  March Painting will commence on Bonney Theatre
17-23 March Painting will continue on Bonney Theatre, southern elevation (Pascoe Terrace)
23-25 March Painting will continue on the western elevation of Bonney Theatre (rear).

During these times, carpark spaces on Barwell Avenue will be affected.