Berri Riverfront Land

Council announces the sale of Lots 5-19 of the Berri Riverfront blocks

Following the Auction for the sale of the Riverfront Blocks held on the 20th January 2017, Council received an offer from the Berri Hotel Inc to purchase Lots 5-19 of the Berri Riverfront in addition to allotments 1-4 sold to the hotel prior to the Auction. This makes up section 61 which will no longer need to be subdivided into the 19 individual lots with the associated savings for Council.

The remaining six lots will still be available for purchase and the road that separates the hotel land from these six blocks will still go ahead and will be suitable for high quality housing.
Council along with the Hotel are excited about the long term vision and development of this prime Riverfront area. The purchase will allow the hotel to expand their facilities and develop apartment style accommodation attracting longer term stayers and family groups to the region.  Both the Council and Hotel see this development as a positive opportunity to increase tourism, employment and economic return right here in Berri.