Bins for Blokes

More than 1.34 million men and boys in Australia are living with incontinence.

Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer and stroke are all risk factors for incontinence. Incontinence can occur at any age with more than one third (36%) of men living with incontinence under the age of 50.

Many of these men rely on incontinence products in order to participate in everyday life.

While most female and disabled toilets have sanitary disposal bins, very few male toilets do.

A lack of facilities to dispose of incontinence products can discourage men from leaving the house leading to social isolation, mental health issues including depression and a reduced quality of life.

Installing disposal bins for incontinence products in male toilets will effectively support and enable greater social participation for men.

Berri Barmera Council have recently introduced "Bins for Blokes" in six of our public toilets:

  • Barmera Skate Park
  • Barmera Visitor Information Centre
  • Berri Town Hall
  • Vaughan Terrace, Berri
  • Bonney Theatre
  • Barmera Jetty
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