Your Elected Members

Council Elections were held in November 2018, when a Mayor and eight Councillors were elected for a four year term.  Mr Peter Hunt is currently Mayor, a position he will hold until the next General Elections that will be held in November 2022.

Our current Mayor and Elected Members are listed below in alphabetical order.  Contact information can be obtained by clicking on each of their names. 


Current Elected Members

Centofanti, Rhonda

Area Councillor

Evans, Margaret

Area Councillor

Fuller, Mike

Area Councillor

Hunt, Peter


Kassebaum, Andrew

Area Councillor

Little, Adrian

Area Councillor

Scott, Trevor

Area Councillor

Sindos, Meta

Area Councillor

Winnall, Ella

Deputy Mayor (Nov 2019-Nov 2020)

Past Elected Members (inc Pre-amalgamation)

Details of all Elected Members who have served on the Berri Barmera Council since amalgamation of the District Council of Berri and the District Council of Barmera,  can be accessed by clicking here.

Pre-Amalgamation details: 

The District Council of Berri and the District Council of Barmera amalgamated on 1st October 1996.

A simple list of Councillors from inception of each Council until amalgamtion is available by:

Clicking here for District Council of Berri Councillors 1922 - 1996

Clicking here for District Council of Barmera Councillors 1924 - 1996

For more comprehensive information, two record books have been researched and compiled providing more details of elected members from the former District Council of Berri and the District Council of Barmera:

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the above two record books, no guarantees can be given due to inaccuracies detected during research. 

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