Policies and By Laws

Policies are guidelines to which Elected Members and Staff refer when making decisions on certain issues.

The Berri Barmera Council has developed a set of Policies which are continually updated to reflect changes in circumstances or if a new issue arises.

The Local Government Act 1999 enables Council to set their own Policies and Bylaws, which, after Council's initial approval are published in the SA Government Gazette before they can be officially enforced by authorised officers of Council.

Amongst these are Policies that are required under legislation and reflect this Council's application of various Acts of Parliament. These compulsory Policies are:

-  Access to Meetings - Code of Practice (Public Consultation)
-  Code of Conduct - Elected & Committee Members (Public Consultation)
-  Code of Conduct for Employees
-  Confidentiality Provisions - Code of Practice
-  Procurement (Contracting and Tendering)
-  Order Making Policy  (Public Consultation)
-  Public Consultation  (Public Consultation)
-  Review of Council Decisions (Including Handling Complaints)



No. 1 - Permits and Penalties
No. 2 - Moveable Signs
No. 3 - Council Land
No. 4 - Roads
No. 5 - Dogs



Full list of Council's Policies are listed here -

pdf Abandoned Vehicles Policy(133 kb)

pdf Appraisal - Chief Executive Officer Policy(160 kb)

pdf Asset Accounting Policy(416 kb)

pdf Asset Management Policy(184 kb)

pdf Budget - Annual Policy(159 kb)

pdf Building and Swimming Pool Inspection Policy(205 kb)

pdf Camping, Caravanning and Recreational Vehicle Policy(155 kb)

pdf Children and Vulnerable Persons' Safety Policy(119 kb)

pdf Citizenship Ceremonies Policy(145 kb)

pdf Code of Conduct - Council Employees(264 kb)

pdf Community Bus Use Policy(134 kb)

pdf Community Grants and Assistance Policy(199 kb)

pdf Community Transport Policy(220 kb)

pdf Community Wastewater Management Scheme (CWMS) - New Connection Fees Policy(115 kb)

pdf Complaints - Review of Council Decisions (including handling complaints) Policy(188 kb)

pdf Confidentiality Provisions Policy(250 kb)

pdf Construction of Unmade Roads Policy(167 kb)

pdf Council representations and delegations Policy(202 kb)

pdf Debt Recovery Policy(150 kb)

pdf Deputy Mayor Chairperson Council Committees Policy(178 kb)

pdf Development Act 1993 and Development Regulations 2008 (Delegations under the Act)(135 kb)

pdf Driveways - Crossing Policy(171 kb)

pdf Elected Member - Access to Information Policy(236 kb)

pdf Elected Member - Managing Elected Members Code of Conduct (Breach of Code) Complaints Policy(156 kb)

pdf Elected Member Electronic Communication and iPad Policy(223 kb)

pdf Elected Member Support Policy(598 kb)

pdf Elected Member Training Policy(401 kb)

pdf Elected Members - RecordsManagement(223 kb)

pdf Elected Members and Committee Members - Code of Conduct for(204 kb)

pdf Election Signs - Control of(263 kb)

pdf Elections - Caretaker Policy(318 kb)

pdf Elections Casual Vacancy Policy(228 kb)

pdf Electronic Communications Policy(222 kb)

pdf Emergency (Provision of Council Resources to Support the Emergency Services in Emergencies) Policy(130 kb)

pdf Event Management Strategy(352 kb)

pdf Fees and Charges Policy(247 kb)

pdf Fees and Charges Schedule(609 kb)

pdf Financial Hardship (CWMS) Policy(174 kb)

pdf Fines-Rates Recovery Policy(204 kb)

pdf Flag Flying Policy(242 kb)

pdf Food Inspection Policy(177 kb)

pdf Footpath Construction Policy(146 kb)

pdf Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy(376 kb)

pdf Hard Waste Collection Policy(86 kb)

pdf Horse Riding Policy(577 kb)

pdf Informal Gatherings Policy(164 kb)

pdf Inspection (Building and Swimming Pool) Policy(203 kb)

pdf Internal Financial Control Policy(172 kb)

pdf Land Development Infrastructure Guidelines Policy(275 kb)

pdf Leases, Licences and Permits Policy(204 kb)

pdf Library Collection Development Policy(413 kb)

pdf Library Conditions of Use Policy(245 kb)

pdf Liquor Licencing Policy(194 kb)

pdf Mayor Chairpersons Seeking Legal Advice Policy(195 kb)

pdf Media and Communication Policy(182 kb)

pdf Meeting Procedures - Code of Practice(348 kb)

pdf Meetings (Access to) - Code of Practice(323 kb)

pdf Mobile Temporary vending policy(164 kb)

pdf Order Making Policy(285 kb)

pdf Outdoor Dining Policy(193 kb)

pdf Permit Parking Policy(353 kb)

pdf Plant and Equipment - Emergency use of Policy(126 kb)

pdf Plant and Equipment - Employee use of Policy(180 kb)

pdf Plant Operations - Plant Replacement Policy(195 kb)

pdf Policy Development Policy(206 kb)

pdf Private Works Policy(134 kb)

pdf Procurement (Contracting and Tendering) Policy(303 kb)

pdf Public Consultation and Community Engagement Policy(228 kb)

pdf Rate Capping 2016-2017 Policy(155 kb)

pdf Rate Rebate 2016-2017 Policy(244 kb)

pdf Rate Remission 2016/2017 Policy(260 kb)

pdf Risk Management Framework(305 kb)

pdf Risk Management Policy(106 kb)

pdf Road and Street Naming Policy(235 kb)

pdf Roads (Construction of Unmade Roads) Policy(167 kb)

pdf Roads (Valuation of Land Under Roads) Policy(137 kb)

pdf Signage Policy(193 kb)

pdf Support (Business and Residential Development) Policy(140 kb)

pdf Tourism Services Policy(184 kb)

pdf Treasury Management Policy(168 kb)

pdf Trees - Township and Rural Policy(587 kb)

pdf Unclad Bathing Policy(1230 kb)

pdf Urban House Numbering Policy(163 kb)

pdf Vaughan Terrace War Memorial Policy(137 kb)

pdf Volunteer Management Policy(106 kb)

pdf Waste (Kerbside Waste, Recycling and Green Waste Service) Policy(211 kb)

pdf Whistleblower Protection Policy(253 kb)