Council Meetings


Council Meetings

Meetings of Council are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month, the exception being in December when the meeting date is often changed to allow for the festive season holidays or when the date clashes with public holidays, e.g. Easter, ANZAC Day.

The Meeting Schedule for 2017 is:
  January 24
  February 28
  March 28
  April 18
  May 23
  June 27
  July 25 
  August 22
  September 26
  October 24
  November 28
  December TBA

Meetings of Council commence at 5.45 p.m. and are held in the Berri Barmera Council Chambers, Wilson Street, Berri. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

Agenda items must be submitted to Council by Tuesday afternoon, the week prior to the scheduled meeting, i.e. third Tuesday of the month, to enable inclusion on the Agenda.

Copies of the Agenda and Minutes of Council Meetings are also available.


Committee Meetings

The Development Assessment Panel meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month as required. Other Sub-Committee meetings are called as and when necessary as referred to in the table below.

Note: Committee meeting dates are subject to change, please confirm meeting dates with Council.


Committee / Responsible Officer

Meeting Times

Terms of Reference

Dates 2017

Venue and Time

Barmera Town Beautification Committee

Manager Infrastructure Services

(Bi-monthly) As determined by the Committee


Barmera Library 6pm



Berri Town Beautification Committee


As determined by the Committee





Berri Barmera Council Chambers


Martin Bend Recreation Area Committee

Manager Environmental Services

Determined by the Committee


Berri Barmera Council Chambers 5:15pm

Strategic Governance and Asset Management Committee


Quarterly on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month






Berri Barmera Council Chambers 5:45pm

Cemetery Advisory Committee

Property Officer

2 times per year


Berri Barmera Council Chambers 4:15pm

Audit Committee


As required



 Berri Barmera Council Chambers

Major Projects Committee


As required, depending on work load.


Berri Barmera Council Chambers

Friend of Bonney Theatre Complex

Manager Environmental Services

Determined by the Committee


Soldiers Memorial Hall Bonney Theatre Complex


Workshops/Informal Gatherings

Workshops and Informal Gatherings of Council are called as and when necessary with dates listed below;

28th June 2016 at 5pm, Berri Barmera Council chambers